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Frank's Shop Rules 

The Shop: My shop is at 8001 Scott Place, Alexandria, VA 22308. It’s on all map programs and is less than 2 miles from Bryant School. When you arrive, please park in a manner not to offend my neighbors as it’s a cul-de-sac (we park in our own driveways and a spot directly by the driveway as all have multiple cars). Go around my garage to your left and enter the shop by the rear of garage.

The shop currently has 6 1/2 lathes that belong to CAW, 5 that are mine, and one belonging to CA, though only 3 have large capacity (the half is a CAW owned non variable speed mini lathe).  However, the plan is never to have more than 11 lathes in use – one for demonstration and 10 for stu-dents/users/friends/cub scouts/mentoring/etc.  There are drives, live centers, and chucks with #2 jaws for every lathe.  We also have sufficient adapters to operate all lathes with 1” X 8 threading and #2 Morris Taper.  Less I forget, there are three sharpening systems.

Beyond turning equipment the shop has climate con-trol, good lighting, natural air cleaners, bathroom, coffee, chilled water, phone service, WIFI, cable (generally tuned to the Nats or 50S/60S Rock), etc. Non-turning wise the shop is fully equipped with woodworking machinery, both portable and stationary; all in another area.

There are also two gas chainsaws and two electric chainsaws, however only staff will be using them. Note: most things for turning are available in shop but users should still expect to provide basic tools, drills and disc for sanding (sheet sandpaper will be provide from on-hand stocks), and personal safety equipment.

Prices: Before any revelations on cost, I’d like to point out that the school shop didn’t have coffee, air cleaners, etc.  Utilities were free at the school and I never felt the need to have additional insurance when at the school.  Additionally, some equipment was school provided.  When at Bryant there were two $5 charges – referred to as use and replacement fees.  Note: At the military hobby shop where I volunteer the usage fee is $5 per hour with added charges for using equipment and supplies.  All of our classes are planned for 3 to 4 hours. Fur-ther, we’re already in need of more #1 jaws for Talon Chucks and in recent years only one of the mini lathes have been re-placed – older equipment, more maintenance.

We are going to start with a $20 shop fee and cost of materials.  People can provide their own materials if they think those provided are too expensive, however with the exception of Peppermills, the cost of materials for classes hasn’t exceeded 10 bucks, and no class has finished for lack of material.

Warning – All shop use is by arrangement - reservation.  If you cancel and the class is less than full; you owe shop fee.  No make-ups except by special arrangement.  Within reason, follow-up help with problems is encouraged.  If you leave before clean-up or release by staff, you owe the coffee fund $5.  Finally, I’m twice retired Navy where there is a belief that stupid can’t be fixed.  Accordingly, if you insistent on unsafe practices you will be ejected/rejected/tossed out to avoid your (and your neighbor’s) being bent, folded or mutilated.

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