A Proud Chapter
of the AAW
Application By Mail

You can join CAW by printing out the top of this page and send to the treasurer's address below.

Name        ___________________________________________________________________
Address     ___________________________________________________________________ 


City, State  ____________________________________  Zip Code   _____________________
Home/Cell Phone     ___________________ Cell/Business Phone   _______________________

Email Address   ________________________________________________________________

Lathes Owned   ________________________________________________________________

Hobbist     _________________________ Professional   _______________________

New member dues schedule

Month Joining Individual  Duel**
Jan - Mar $40 $20 *
Apr - Jun $25 * $15 *
Jul – Sep $25 * $10 *
Oct - Nov $15 * $5 *

* Dues must be paid by mail or in person at club event.

** Dual Membership offered to fully paid members of other Woodturning clubs that reciprocate discount to CAW members.

Send completed application, along with a check payable to "Capital Area Woodturners" to:

Capital Area Woodturners, Treasurer
8014 West Point Dr.
Springfield, VA 22153

Pay Dues Online

You can now pay your annual dues online.  Payment can only be made for a full year.  Online payments
include processing fees:

Individual Membership Dues         $40.00 
                    Processing Fee           $1.50
                                  Total         $41.50

Dues Options
Please include your name, mailing address, and phone numbers in the notes section of Paypal.

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