A Proud Chapter
of the AAW
Application By Mail

You can join CAW by printing out the top of this page and send to the treasurer's address below.

Name        ___________________________________________________________________
Address     ___________________________________________________________________ 


City, State  ____________________________________  Zip Code   _____________________
Home/Cell Phone     ___________________ Cell/Business Phone   _______________________

Email Address   ________________________________________________________________

Lathes Owned   ________________________________________________________________

Hobbist     _________________________ Professional   _______________________

New member dues schedule

Month Joining Individual  Duel**
Jan - Mar $40 $30 *
Apr - Jun $30 *
Jul – Sep $20 *
Oct - Nov $10 *

* Dues must be paid by mail or in person at club event.

** Dual Membership offered to fully paid members of other Woodturning clubs that reciprocate discount to CAW members.

Send completed application, along with a check payable to "Capital Area Woodturners" to:

Capital Area Woodturners, Treasurer
8014 West Point Dr.
Springfield, VA 22153

Pay Dues Online
(Not Available at this Time)

You can now pay your annual dues online.  Payment can only be made for a full year.  Online payments
include processing fees:

Individual Membership Dues         $40.00 
                    Processing Fee           $1.50
                                  Total         $41.50

Dues Options

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