Capital Area Woodturners Gallery

Show and Tell at the January 2001 Meeting


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Above left, from David Jacobowitz,  two 10"h hollow vessels, one Walnut, the other Beech.

Above right, from Val Spring, 4" wormy Walnut natural edge bowl.


Right, from Don Johnson, miniature mushrooms.

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ink0101a.jpg (12485 bytes) Left, from Neil Kagan, a 14"h three-legged stool, a 6" Zebrawood bowl and a 5" natural edge bowl.




Below, left, from Bob Grudberg, a 16" large Cherry bowl.

Below right, from Dean Swagert, 10" Ziricote segmented platter, and a 6" natural edge African Blackwood.


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Right, from Paul Burke, 2"h natural edge wormy mystery wood ipb0101a.jpg (5431 bytes)
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Above, from C.A. Savoy, 7" round Maple Burl hollow form, and a 6" Asian Elm elipse hollow.


Below from Steve Bishop, a miniature Maple Burl hollow form, a 3"w Maple Burl bowl, and a piece called "The Balancing Act".

Above, from C.A.Savoy, 12"h Asian Elm (center) and two Poplar Burl hollow forms with voids, all made with laser guided boring bar.

Below, from Randy Bjorklund, a 6"w Walnut and Maple segmented bowl.

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Above, from Bill Hardy, a 12" thin-walled Cherry bowl called "The Comet".


Below, from Richard Preston, a 13" natural edge wormy Honey Locust.


Above, from Mike Kinney - an assortment of tree ornaments made from Maple, Padauk, Walnut, Mahogany, and Cypress.


Below, from Phil Mannio, a 4" Walnut bowl.


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From Richard Allen, right, below right and left.....

Right, Inlace acrylic lidded box and turning blank.

Below right, 3" Inlace acrylic box

Below, 16" Red Oak platter.

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A collection from Don Riggs....


Above Left, 14"w x 5"h Maple bowl.

Above Right, two natural edged Peach bowls, one Oak natural edged wing bowl, and one 6" Ash hollow form.

Right, two Ambrosia Maple pieces, a 5"w hollow form, a 6"w bowl; also a 4"w Apple crotch bowl.

Below Left, a 3"w x 3"h Walnut natural edge bowl, and a 4" Ash bowl.

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Photos taken by Jim Marstall