Capital Area Woodturners Gallery

Show and Tell at the February 2001 Meeting


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Above left, from George Skorupski, 10"w x 6"h Mulberry natural edge bowl and a 12"w x 3"h Cherry bowl.

Above right, from George Skorupski, 14"w x 7"h Ambrosia Maple natural edge.


Right, from Don Johnson, 3"w x 2"h African Blackwood lidded ring bowl, a 6"w x 5"h Cherry bowl with inserts, and a 11"w x 3"h Beechwood bowl.

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ink0102a.jpg (19620 bytes) Left, from Neil Kagan, 7"w Purpleheart, 4"w Maple, 4"w Canarywood, and a 7"w Bloodwood bowl.




Below, left, from Mark Peterbridge, 12" Cherry lidded hollow form.

Below right, from Ed Moore, 12" w Walnut collection bowl.  One of four Ed made for  the Fuquay-Varina Community Church in North Carolina.


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Right, from Ken Rajspis, 7" tall goblets and other small bowls of Beech and Maple. ikr0102a.jpg (23210 bytes)
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Above, from Steve Bishop, 5"x5"x5" cube Big Leaf Mpple Burl and a 6"h x 7"w Big Leaf Maple Burl bowl with carving on the inside rim.


Below from Richard Allen, 20"w Zebrawood Platter

Above, from Steve Bishop, 4"h x 12"w horn shape, and a 4"w x 12"h hollow form of Big Leaf Maple Burl.


Below, from Richard Allen, a 7"w x 13"h segmented urn from many different cuts of Lacewood.

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Above, from John Overman, 4"w x 2"h Maple bowl and a 8"w x 3"h Oak bowl.


Below, from Richard Preston, a pair of 5"w x 6"h natural edge flower-petal forms in Oak..


Above, from C.A. Savoy, 6"w Cherry dish and a 6"h x 9"w Plum natural edge bowl.


Below, from Jim Marstall, a 6"w x 2"h Bolivian Rosewood bowl with carved rim and a Black Locust split-reverse hollow form with carved handles.


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Below, from Dean Swagert, 3"w x 5"h lidded, pierced, segmented hollow form from Maple, Bloodwood, and Mahogany, and a 3"w x 4"h African Blackwood fluted hollow form. Below, from Pat McLaughlin, 4 miniature items from her Butterfly bush.
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Below, from Bob Grudberg, 5"h x 13w Cherry shallow bowl and a 12"h Cedar vase. Below, from Bob Grudberg, 14"w x 5"h Maple Burl bowl.
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Photos taken by Jim Marstall