Capital Area Woodturners Gallery

Show and Tell at the March 2001 Meeting


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Above left, from Don Johnson, a 7"w x 2"h square-edged bowl of Koa with an Ebony foot, and a 8"w x 1"h in Curly Maple.

Above right, from Martin Angebranndt, a 5"w x 3"h Eucalyptus hollow form, a 4"w x 2.5"h Maple burl and two miniature Cocobolo bowls.


Right, from Tom Boley, a 8"w x 3"h spalted Maple bowl

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ids0103a.jpg (15317 bytes) Left, from Dean Swagert, 6"w x 3" segmented hollow form made of Maple, Mahoganey, and Padauk, and a 6"w x 1"h bowl made of "Rose of the Mountain" from Guyana.




Below, left, from Andy Blackwell, An Escoulen "If-Then Sample Board" from various exotic woods - If I put the wood at this angle, and do this cut; then I get a piece that looks like this!

Below right, from Don Hart, three bowls and a necklace ornament from a famous 400-600 year old tree in Salam, NJ.  In Dec 99, the tree lost three branches and pieces of the tree were awarded to local artists based on skill


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Right, from C.A. Savoy, a 8"w x 6"h Walnut bowl and goblet, and a 5"w x 2"h Ambrosia Maple natural edge bowl. ics0103a.jpg (13455 bytes)
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Above, from Neil Kagan, a 6"w x 2"h Bloodwood bowl with a carved rose insert of bleached basswood.


Below from Neil Kagan, a 2"w Maple burl with hand carved recesses.

Above, from Neil Kagan, two 6"h x 5"w stemmed goblets of Zebrawood with Ebony stems


Below, from Ray Taylor, Ray's first of three turnings.  A 10"w x 4"h Ambrosia Maple bowl, a 9"w x 2"h Maple treated with amber-gold aniline dye, and a 5"w x 1.5"h maple bowl.

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Left, from Don Riggs, three natural edged bowls of Ambrosia Maple, Peach, and Oak, and two small Ambrosia Maple hollow forms.





Photos taken by Jim Marstall