Capital Area Woodturners Gallery

Show and Tell at the April 2001 Meeting


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Above left, from Chris Light, a 18" hat with wooden feathers painted to resemble a weathered copper look.

Above right, from Chris Light, a 6"h x 12"w dyed pecan bowl with an 8" long Maple Spatuala.


Right, from Chris Light, an 11"w x 7"h Spalted Black Birch hat

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idr0104a.jpg (14147 bytes) Left, from Don Riggs, a 20" Maple bowl



Below, left, from Jim Marstall, 7"w x 2"h Mountain Ash bowl with inlaid accent rings.

Below right, from Don Johnson, two 7" diagonal x 4"h square edge bowls.


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Right, from Ed Moore, a 7"h goblet and a 3"h x 3"w hollow form made from Afzelia Xylocarpa Burl - a highly prized mahagony-like wood from Southeast Asia and particularly Vietnam.  Common names are marker, mahka, and beng (may be just a generic word for wood).  Finished with Mylands friction polish. iem0104a.jpg (9677 bytes)
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Above, from Lynda Smith-Bugge - 3"h x 6"w boxwood natural edge on a stone.


Below from John Overman - 8"w x 2"h Cherry bowl and a 6"h x 2.5"w lidded box of Peach and Cherry.

Above, from Ken Darr, 4"w x 2"h Canarywood bowl, and two lidded boxes from French Walnut.


Below, from Dean Swagert, a 8"h Madrone vessel, a 5"h bowl of Plum wood cross-sections imbedded in black epoxy, and a 6"h Madrone hollow.

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 iaj0104a.jpg (14179 bytes) Left, from Art Jenson, a 6"w x 4"h Arizona Ironwood, with texturing.
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Above, from Richard Allen, 7"w x 2"h Jara Burl bowl, and a 14"h Lacewood and Grandonala urn.

Below, from C.A. Savoy, a 14"w x 3.5"h Sycamore bowl.

Above, from Neil Kagan, all from Poplar, a natural edged bowl, a 8"h hollow form, and a lidded box.

Below, from Miles Lehman, a 4"h x 2"w Dogwood bowl, a 5"w x 3"h Laurel Burl bowl, a 5.5"h x 1.5"w Purpleheart lidded box, and a couple bottle stoppers.

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idh0104a.jpg (14369 bytes) Left, from Don Hart, in the middle (look close) - miniature goblets with loose rings on the stem.  A10"w Maple bowl, a 7"w and 4"w Mahogany bowls.

Photos taken by Jim Marstall