Capital Area Woodturners Gallery

Show and Tell at the May 2001 Meeting


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Above left, from Scott Wallis, a 8"w x 1"h sunburst segmented dish of Walnut and Maple.

Above right, from John Overman, a 7"w spalted Dogwood bowl and three small bowls of Peach, Ambrosia Maple, and Maple.


Right, from Ed Moore, a 9"w x 3"h Maple hollow form.

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ijn0105a.jpg (11023 bytes) Left, from John Noffsinger, 9"w x 4"h lidded Cherry box with Ebony finial, extruded handles, and surface decorations of pyrogrophy and wood dyes.



Below, left, from John Noffsinger, 5"w x 3"h Tiger Maple hollow form with acrylic inlays rings and a 4"w x 3"h Maple and Ebony HF - both with pyrogrophy and wood dye surface treatments.

Below right, from John Noffsinger, 14"h  Maple burl natural edge with acrylic inlays, titled: "Mr. Fire's 4-door"


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isb0105a.jpg (32310 bytes) Left, from Steve Bishop, 14"h Curley Silver Maple Titled:

"Evolution #1"

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Above, from Frank Stepanski - 14"w x 4"h Silver Maple Bowl.


Below from Richard Allen, 8"h x 3"w Ebony canister wtih an acrylic top.

Above, from Frank Stepanski, left background, 3"w Madrone Burl bowl; left foreground, 4"w Tasmanian Rose Myrtle; Carob natural edge with no bark; and a Cherry natural edge with bark..


Below, from Richard Allen, four 6"long dusters from Walnut and Curley Maple.

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 irb0105a.jpg (40815 bytes) Left, from Randy Bjorklund, 14"h Buckeye Burl and Ebony lidded hollow form.  (don't keep your marbles in it!)

Photos taken by Jim Marstall