Capital Area Woodturners Gallery

Show and Tell at the June 2001 Meeting


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Above left, from Mike McInerney, 5"w x 2.5"h Apple bowl.

Above right, from Jim Marstall, 16.5"w x 8"h Silver leaf Maple bowl.


Right, from John Overman, 4"h x 3"h lidded box of Cherry and Ebony.

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 irt0106a.jpg (14765 bytes) Left, from Ray Taylor, 6"w x 2.5" Ambrosia Maple bowl.



Below, left, from C.A. Savoy, 14"h x 7"w Ambrosia Maple hollow form.

Below right, from C.A. Savoy, 3 nested Ambrosia Maple bowls from the same block of wood.


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ics0106b.jpg (36639 bytes) Left, from C.A. Savoy, 18"h x 5"w Ambrosia Maple hollow form
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Above, from Gene Crosby, 6"w x 9"h Walnut split reverse hollow form.


Below from Alan Becker, 5"h x 4"w segmented hollow form of Walnut, Maple, and Goncalo Alves.

Above, from Gene Crosby, 10"w x 6"h segmented bowl of Walnut, Maple, Padauk, Cherry.


Below, from Alan Becker, 4"w x 3"h Comphor Laurel bowl

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Above, from Don Johnson, 10" x 10" x 4"h square bowl of Butternut with a Blackwood foot.  Also with corner chip carving treatments.


Below, from Richard Allen, a 5"w Birdseye Maple hand mirror, Maple bowl, and Cocobolo hollow.

Above, from Bob Reynolds, his first turning brought to show and tell, a 12"h x 7"w Walnut open form with flared base.


Above, from Paul Burke, a 2"h Fly-house, ala Bob Rosand's demo, and a 4"w hand mirror in Birdseye Maple.

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ifs0106a.jpg (10788 bytes) Left, Left, from Frank Stepanski, 1st try to make a lidded box that duplicates an Ambyana Wood Burl box (right) by Australian turner Guilo Marcolongo who Frank met in San Diego.


Below left, from Bob Marshall, a Ambrosia Maple sphere with clock, and the jig Bob uses to hold the sphere so that a hold can be drilled or turned in to take the clock.


Below right, from Art Jenson, a 6" long Buckeye Burl and Blackwood needle case.

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Photos taken by Jim Marstall