Capital Area Woodturners Gallery

Show and Tell at the July 2001 Meeting


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Above left, from Peter Walsh, 5"h x 2"w Yellow Birch.  Peter's first turned piece.

Above right, from Jim Marstall, a 7"w x 2.5"h Apple bowl.







Right, from Ed Moore, a 8"h Box Elder hollow form.



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ijo0107a.jpg (11253 bytes) Left, from John Overman, 7"w x 3"h Cherry bowl and a 6"w x 3"h Spalted Maple bowl.



Below, left, from Don Hart, 54 (count'em), 54 indicidual micro-mini captive ring goblets.

Below right, from David Jacobowitz, 5"h x 4"w Maple hollow form, an Ambrosia Maple with Dogwood silk flowers, and a 5"h x 4"w Apple hollow.


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ids0107a.jpg (11156 bytes) Left, from Dean Swaggert, African Blackwood natural edge bowl and a Desert Ironwood lidded box.
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Above, from Tom Boley, "Sweet as Sugar", an Oak platter with Oak and Walnut chocolate chip cookies.


Below from C.A. Savoy, 15"h x 6"w Cherry hollow form.

Above, from Tom Boley, 8" Cherry bowl and three smaller bowls, two Cherry, and one Dogwood.


Below, from Richard Preston, 11"h x 8"w Ash vase.

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isb0107a.jpg (16990 bytes) Left, from Steve Bishop, Coolibah Burl natural edge bowl, 12"w x 3.5"h with carved rim.


Below left, from Frank Stepanski, three thin Madrone natural forms.


Below right, from John Noffsinger, a 6"h x 6"w Maple hollow form with Ebony rim and base, and a Cherry hollow with natural edge.

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idr0107a.jpg (16251 bytes) Left, from Don Riggs, an 10"w x 4"h Ambrosia Maple natural edge bowl and three small hollow forms and a lidded box.


Below left, from Alan Becker, a 5"h x 3"w Osage Orange lidded vessel with a diluted CA glue mirror finish.


Below right, from Cal Frantz, three Poplar candle sticks, 10", 8", and 6".

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Photos taken by Jim Marstall