Capital Area Woodturners Gallery

Show and Tell at the September 2001 Meeting


Above left, from Ray Taylor, a Banksia Pod and Dogwood bud vases, and two natural edge bowls, left, Coolibah and right, Buckeye Burl.

Above right, from Cal Frantz, a 9" wide Spalted Cherry bowl.



Right, from John Overman, 10" Walnut bowl, 3" Holly bowl, 4" Maple hollow form, 3" Dogwood hollow form, and 4 bottle stoppers.



Left, from Dean Swagert, an African Blackwood natural edge bowl, a Maple Burl natural edge, , and a dyed blue Maple split box with a magetic clasp


Below, left, from Don Johnson, Mortar and Pestle set of Mesquite and Persimmon.

Below right, from Don Johnson, an Ash platter that has been sandblasted and bleached.

Left, from Jeff Goldman, a White Oak pedestal bowl, and a spalted Poplar deep vase.
Above, from John Kerr, two 8" Walnut bowls.


Below from Pete Walsh, a 6" wide and 3" wide Apple bowls.

Above, from John Kerr, a 9" Walnut "Saturn" bowl.


Below, from Tom Boley, 3-tiered rack of wine bottle stoppers.

Below, from Jayne Hart, Bud vases: 6" high Holly; 5" high Silver Maple; and a 4" high Box Elder.  Below, from Paul Burke, two pedestal mounted fly-houses.

Photos taken by Jim Marstall