Capital Area Woodturners Gallery

Show and Tell at the October 2001 Meeting


Above left, from Don Johnson, 10" fluted bowl and 2 small hollow forms, and one fluted box.  All from Cherry with an ebonized finish.

Above right, from Dave Butts, a 2" Cherry bowl.  His first turned piece in 35 years, but not his last.



Right, from Dean Swagert, a 6" x 3" Crabapple elongated bowl.


  Left, from C.A. Savoy, large square shape bowl from Oregon Myrtle, and a wavy edge diamond Oak bowl.


Below, left, from C.A. Savoy, a diamond shaped Mahogany bowl, 9" corner to corner, and a Cherry bowl with a burnt edge.

Below right, from Bob Pezold, a 6" Sycamore bowl.

  Left, from Mike McInerney, a 10" tall Cherry split turned hollow form, two lidded boxes, one Cocobolo with Pink Ivory finial, the other, Redwood Burl, and a 8" Zebrawood bowl, outer rim does not touch the surface.
Above, from Max Hipsher, a Mahogany communion chalice made from three pieces. An Ash hollow form made during classes with David Ellsworth..


Below from Art Jenson, a plethora of lidded, threaded boxes made from Cocobolo, Lignum Vitea, Olivewood, Buckeye Burl, Ebony, and Ironwood..

Above, from John Overman, a 3" Dogwood bowl and a 2" Holly box with Ebony Finial.


Below, from Paul Burke, a composite platter clown face and a lidded fly box.


Below, from Ken Rajspis, 3 large Black Cherry  pots with off-center handles.  Below, from Frank Stepanski, a 14" Blackwood shallow bowl.
Left, below left, and below right, all from Neil Kagan.

Left, three natural-edged Madrone Burl hollow forms and a ultra-thin warped Madrone Burl bowl.

Below left, a 7" h Ash hollow form with a carved bird top, and a 6" Cherry bowl.

Below right, two turned and carved forms; one Poplar and one Madrone Burl.

Left, from Steve Bishop, Big Leaf Maple, titled the Black Hole.
Left, from Steve Bishop, Big Leaf Maple, titled the Mama Always..

Photos taken by Jim Marstall