Capital Area Woodturners Gallery

Show and Tell at the November 2001 Meeting


Above left, from John Trant, segmented bowl of Walnut, Red Heart, and Maple.

Above right, from John Trant, segmented bowl of Maple and Red Heart.



Right, from John Trant, 10" Cherry bowl.



  Left, from Don Hart, small Hawthorne bowl; a 6" miniature ornament tree.


Below, left, from Alan Becker, 24"h Ambrosia Maple vase with a Walnut neck ring.

Below right, from Don Johnson, a laser guided, stabilized, long boring bar that Don built to fit his mini lathe.

  Left, from Bob Lancaster, a 7"w Wormy Apple bowl and a 6" Black Walnut bowl.
Above, from Miles Lehman, two 8" bowls, one Holly,  and one Apple natural-edge..


Below from Chris Light, a Purple-dyed Pine hollow form..

Above, from John Overman, 5"h end-grain lidded box and a 3" Maple bowl.


Below, from Chris Light, end-grain turned Norfolk Pine hollow form.


Below, from Steve Bishop, 5"h x 6"w Big Leaf Maple bowl.  Below, from Frank Stepanski, 4"w Madrone bowl, a 8"w Maple, and a 9"w Coolibah.
Right, below right, and below left, all from Don Riggs.

Right, a 3W Peach bowl; a 4WQ Dogwood bowl; two natural edged items of Dogwood (5W) and Maple (6W); and a 10 Black Walnut platter from Illinois.

Below right, a 13"w Ambrosia Maple bowl, a 5"w Cherry bowl, and a 6"w Maple bowl.

Below right, two Maple pedestal bowls.


Photos taken by Jim Marstall