Capital Area Woodturners Gallery

Show and Tell at the February 2002 Meeting


Above left, from Steve Bishop, 16” Silver Maple shallow bowl.

Above right, from Steve Bishop, 4”W X 4”H Maple burl bowl with a metal-leaf band.



Right, from Steve Bishop, 3’H free-standing piece with a 14”W Bigleaf Maple Burl base.



  Left, from Mike McInerney, a 5”W X 2”H Coolibah burl NE-rim bowl.


Below, left, from David Jacobowitz, 2 Cedar forms.

Below right, from CA Savoy, 6”W X 2”H Cherry bowl with a beaded sides and rim.

  Left, from Frank Stephanski, Oak bowl, turned, dyed black, then cut in two and rejoined; Ambrosia maple egg; Oak NE-rim 12” W X 7”H; Off-center turning of a ladies’ silhouette.
Above, from Jim Marstall, 12”W X 6”H spalted Beech bowl with carved band around the rim.


Below from Don Johnson, 10”H X 5”W Ambrosia maple NE-rim bowl.

Above, from Bill hardy, three drop spindles for yarn spinning from Maple, Cocobolo, and acrylic accents.


Below, from Don Johnson, 7”W X 3 ½”H fluted bowl.


Below, from John Trant, 4 bowls of various woods. Below, from Don Hart, two 2”H  lidded boxes with hand-chased threads – one from Ebony with chatter tool marks on the top, highlighted with Liming wax to show off the chatter.  One smaller 1”H Ebony lidded-boxx0and one from Osage Orange and a Tagua Nut miniature vase.

Right, from John Overman, a 6”W and 1 ½”H Cherry bowl and a 8”W Cherry platter.

Below left, from Linda Smith-Bugge – 4 ½”W X 3”H Sycamore bowl.

Below right, from Aaron Grebeldinger – a 4”H Maple lidded-box.

Right, from Gene Crosby, 14”W X 6”H Walnut salad bowl with handmade tongs.

Below left, from Ray Taylor,- NE Amber Red Malley, a spalted Beech lidded box with an Ebony finial, and a Maple burl found-wood bowl.

Below right, from Ray Taylor, Walnut bowl 8”W X 5”H.

Right, from Joe Cavanaugh, Ivory-colored acrylic pen and a 7”W X 2 ½”H Cherry bowl.

Below left, from Peter Walsh, a 10” Oak platter, 5”W X 1 ½”H Apple bowl and a 4”H Cherry lidded-box.

Below right, from Mike Kinney, two ornaments from spalted Ash and Ebony finials.

Left, from Don Riggs, two 11”w platters from Ambrosia Maple – one with a large crotch flame.

Photos taken by Jim Marstall