Capital Area Woodturners Gallery

Show and Tell at the March 2002 Meeting


All five surrounding items from Tom Boley

Above left, 10”W X 4”H Jarrah bowl.

Above right, 8”W X 4”H Camphour.

Right, 8”W X 3”H Black Cherry bowl

Below right, 7”W X 4”H Walnut bowl

Below left, 5”W X 3”H Myrtle Burl



  Above left, from Fred Fawkes – 6”W X 3 ½” H Ambrosia maple bowl with pierce carving.

Above right, from Stuart Glickman – Segmented bowl from Maple, Mahogany, and Cherry.

Left, from David Jacobowitz ­ 2 pieces of Ambrosia Maple – one 7”W X 3”H bowl and one 8”Wx3”h hollow form.

Above, from Neil Kagan ­ 7”H Mahogany bud vase; beaded with dried lilies and a Cherry lidded container with a bamboo sprig.


Below from John Overman ­ 2 lidded boxes: one 7”W X 4”H of Mulberry and Walnut; and one 3 ½”W X 3 ½”H made of Dogwood with turquoise colored acrylic inlays.

Above, from Neil Kagan - A small Cocobolo pyramid box and a shallow Maple Burl bowl.


Below, from Jayne Hart -­  4 pieces from Ambrosia Maple, Silverleaf Maple, and Holly.


Below, from Felton Gilliam ­ His first piece brought into show & Tell:  a 10”W X 1”H Cherry platter. Below, from C. A. Savoy ­ Birds & eggs mounted on a simple stand used in the meeting demonstration made of Cherry and Ambrosia Maple.

Right, from Don Johnson – 13”W X 3”H Ash platter that was finished, then masked off with a cat design, then sandblasted to remove all the other shiney finish.

Below left, from Don Johnson 0- 8”W X 3 ½ “H Myrtle bowl.

Below right, from Don Johnson – Natural-edge Cherry Burl bowl.

Right, from John Trant ­ 12”W X 4”H Ambrosia Maple bowl.

Below left, from John Trant ­ 14”W X 2 ½”H Maple platter.

Below right, from John Trant ­ a 10”W X 4”H Maple burl hollow form and a 8”W X 3”H Maple bowl.

Right, from Bob Grudberg ­ 5 Tagua Nut mushrooms, two Dogwood natural-edge bowls and two steep sided Bradford Pear natural-edge bowls.

Below left, from Don Riggs ­ a 10”W X 4”H Ambrosia Maple bowl and a 3”W X 3”H Maple lidded box with Ebony finial.

Below right, from Don Riggs ­ three shallow bowls from 7 to 10”W of Cherry, Dogwood, and Maple.

Below, from Charles “Zeke” Miller ­ a 6”W X 2”H Royal Pawlonia bowl. Below, from Don Hart ­ 5 lidded boxes of various exotics each with a threaded lid.
Below, from Alan Becker ­ 9”W X 7”H red Gum burl and Walnut hollow form. Below, from Alan Becker ­  9”H X 5”W Red Mallee.

Photos taken by Jim Marstall