Capital Area Woodturners Gallery

Show and Tell at the April 2002 Meeting



Above left, from John Overman, 2 birds resting on logs for the collaborative challenge.

Above right, from Don Johnson,  a 15L X 3 W Curley Maple pointed bowl.

Right, from Pete Walsh,  a 7W X 3 H Apple bowl and an 11 Oak platter.

Below right, from Jim Marstall,  a 20W X 6H Cherry bowl with black dyed rim and carved (shaky-handed) accents stripes.

Below left, from Bob Grudberg  -  2 5bodied Walnut birds for collaborative challenge with fantail back feathers.



  Above left, from David Jacobowitz  -  an 11H X 5W Walnut vase.

Above right, from John Noffsinger  -  a 9H X 5W hollow-form with carved and dyed feet, and rim decorations using color dyes inside pyrographic designs.

Left, from John Noffsinger  -  a 12 W X 6H Cherry Hollow-form with heavy carved out side handles and color dyes inside pyrographic designs.

Above, from Patrick OBrien  -  12W X 2H Maple bowl; a 6H X 2W Red Maple hollow-form, and a 7W X 5 1/2 hollow-form from Osage Orange.


Below from Don Johnson  -  a 6W natural edge spalted Birdseye Maple bowl; a 4H Maple lidded bow, and a 8W X 4H fluted bowl.

Above, from Richard Allen  -  a 10H X 8W staked canister made from Red Heart, Walnut, and Maple.


Below, from Don Hart  -  9 miniature vases made from Tagua nut, Padauk, and a mystery wormy wood.  The largest size is 2 high some with threaded lids.


Below, from Felton Gilliam -  a 10W Poplar platter with a 7 long tree ornament made from Maple and Ebony and a 5 Poplar tree ornament with hand-painted butterflies by his wife Debbie. Below, from Don Riggs  -  a couple of birds feeding their young for the collaborative challenge.

Right, from Don Riggs  -  5 bowls of Madrone, Walnut, and Cherry.

Below left, from Dave Butts  -  a 5W X 2H Pear bowl.

Below right, from Don Chamlee  -  a 4H lidded box made of spalted Curley Maple and two bowls made from Brazilian Cherry and Honduran Rosewood.

Right, from Mike Kinney  -  an ornament of Cherry Burl and Ash and two lidded boxes made of Pear.

Below left, from Neil Kagan  -   a 4H X 5W Maple Burl hand carved to give the rim and sides texture and relief.

Below right, from Don Hart  -  one of his 2H miniatures with 3 tenee-tiney flowers mounted inside.  I just couldnt get close enough for the picture to do justice to the quality of work.

Below left, from Don Riggs  -  three 9W Maple bowls.

Photos taken by Jim Marstall