Capital Area Woodturners Gallery

Show and Tell at the June 2002 Meeting



Above left, from Jim Marstall – a 12”W X 6”H Cherry salad bowl for his sister in St. Louis.

Above right, from Bob Grudberg  -  a very large 18”W X 4”H Maple bowl.

Right, from Don Johnson  -  a 12”W X 12”H spalted maple natural edge bowl.

Below right, from Don Johnson  -  a 5”W fluted bowl of Yellow-box burl; a 12”W footed platter from Big-leaf Maple burl; and a 8”W X 2.5”H winged bowl made from Mahogany and black dyed veneer.

Below left, from Dave Butts  -  5”W Butternut bowl.  .

  Above left, from Dave Jacobowitz  -  a 7 ½”H X 4 ½”W Cedar vase and a 9”W X 4 ½” H Maple oil lamp.

Above right, from Richard Allen  -  a 9”W X 5”H spalted Oak bowl and a collaborative challenge bird from Maple.

Left, from Richard Allen  -  3 leather trimmed bowls of 6” 8” and a 9” wide made f Walnut and Machuri Machu.

Above, from Dean Swagert  -  a 8”L X 6”W X 1 ½” deep square-edged bowl made of Indian Rosewood from the cutoff from a larger bowl blank.


Below from Randy Bjorkland  -  a Grecian lidded urn, 15”H made of figured Ebony.

Above, from Alan Becker  -  a 6”W X 8”H natural edge hollow form made of Australian Red Mallee.


Below, from Gene Milstead  -  a Walnut 3”W X 6”H candle holder made using the reverse/split method.


Below, from Aaron Grebeldinger  -  two bowls from Ambrosia maple and Mahogany and a lidded box made from hard Maple. Below, from John Noffsinger  -  two lidded boxes, one 9”H X 5”W and the other 6” H X 4” made of Ebony accents and Maple bodies with intricate pyrography and dyes.

Right, from Don Hart  -  dozens and dozens of miniature goblets with captured rings.  Each is at most Ύ of an inch long.

Below left, from Greg Downs  -  two Yew eggs of 2”L and 1 ½” L.

Below right, from Pat O’Brien  -  two Crab Apple bowls, one 5” W and the other 8”W. and a 4”W lidded box of English Walnut.

Right, below right, and below left, from Chris Light  -  a compilation of some of his African and sculptural pieces using hollow forms that are burned and dyed and painted and assembled into shapes and vessels.

Below, from Bob Kinsel  -  an Apple bowl of 8”W X 5”H.

Below, from Frank Stepanski  -  3 pieces: a 6”W X 4”H goblet; a 9”W X 5”H piece with a black band and a small Cherry 4”W X 2”H bowl.

Photos taken by Jim Marstall