Capital Area Woodturners Gallery

Show and Tell at the July 2002 Meeting



Above left, from Dean Swagert – a 7”W X 2”H Masur Birch natural edge bowl, a 6”W X 2”H Ebony bowl and a 5”W X 6”H Thuya hollow form.

Above right, from John Overman – two Bradford Pear natural edge bowls of 12”W X 5”H and 7”W X 4”H and a Spalted maple bowl of 6”W X 1”H.

Right, from Jim Wano – a covey of lidded boxes made of Elm (left 2), Walnut (back 2), and Zebra Wood (front 2).

Below right, from Gene Crosby – 10”H X 6”W Spalted Walnut split reverse hollow form and a 7”W X 5”H Walnut bowl with Pine branch inlay pieces and a 4”H X 1”W inside-out reverse turning tree.

Below left, from Jim Marstall – An Oak crotch square-edge bowl; 13”L X 11”W X 3”H with a 9 ½” bowl mouth.

  Above left, from Alan Becker – a &”WX 4”H split reverse hollow form of segmented Zevbrawood with Bloodwood separators and a Walnut base and a 7”W X 1”H natural edge Walnut bowl from the left-over piece from the base of the segmented form.

Above right, from Jerry Swartz – a 9”H X 8”W segmented vase made from Maple and Purpleheart with painted Indian dancing figures.

Left, from Don Johnson -  a Goncalo Alves shallow bowl from the wood collection of Rude Osolnik.

Above, from Aaron Grebeldinger – four bowls of varied sizes made from Oak and Cherry.


Below from Unknown turner – a 12”W X 3 ½” H Maple pedestal bowl with a Walnut base.

Above, from Art Jenson – a 12”W X 2”H Spalted Beech bowl.


Below, from Lynda Smith-Bugge – Spheres turned as practice drills from Lynda’s class at Arrowmont with Christian Burchard.


Below, from Bob Grudberg – a 9”W X 3 ½”H natural edge bowl made from Plum and a 8”W X 6”H Plum bowl. Below, from Don Riggs – two small bias bowls of Mahogany and Ash; and a 5”W X 4”H bowl and a 6”W X 5”H hollow form made of Alaska Pine burl.

Below left, from Bill Hardy – a jewelry box boot made from Mahoganey of 10”L X 3 ½”D X 7”H.

Photos taken by Jim Marstall