Capital Area Woodturners Gallery

Show and Tell at the September 2002 Meeting



Above left, from Bob Grudberg –three natural edged bowls of 10”W x 6”H (Maple); 6”W x 4”H (Maple); and 3”W x 2”H (Cherry).

Above right, from John Overman – 6”H spalted Holly pedestal bowl and several small pieces of Maple and Sycamore.

Right, from Don Johnson – 13”W x 6”H end grain natural edge Mesquite bowl and a 7”W x 2”H Colabah burl bowl.

Below right, from Dean Swagert – 7”W natural edge biased Apple bowl and a 7”W pierced rim Madrone bowl.

Below left, from Peter Walsh – 2 Apples bowl of &’ and 6” Wide and a 8”W Cherry Platter.  

  Above left, from David Jacobowitz – a 7”W x 6”H White Birch vessel with an ebony finish.

Above right, from Jim Marstall – a 13”W x 7”H Cherry salad bowl.

Left, from Bill Fowles – 13”W Maple Burl bowl.

Above, from Don Riggs – a 14”W bowl of Black Cherry and a 14”W platter of Ambrosia Maple with assorted spoons.


Below from John Trant -  a 14”W Mahoganey bowl with biased carved rim highlights.

Above, from Steve Bishop – A spalted Curly Maple bowl, 10”w x 3 ½”H.


Below, from John Trant – 5 pieces spalted Maple and died Ash.


Below, from Dah Wey Lan – one large Birdeye Maple bowl and a smaller Boxwood bowl. Below, from Richard Preston – a Dogwood doughnut-hole bowl; a Honey Lucust vase with inked grain highlights; and a Oak on top of Boxwood double-lidded bowl.

Right, from Bob Pezold – a Birdseye Maple pepper mill.

Below left, from Mike McInerney – a 10”L Oak gavel.

Below right, from Unknown – lots of tops and a lidded box.

Right, from Andy Blackwell – his homemade adjustable steady rest.

Below left, from Frank Stepanski – a 14W Bigleaf Maple burl standing bowl with carved rim.

Below right, from Frank Stepanski – 9”W x 7”H Birdseye Maple bowl.


Below, from Scott Wallis – 8 ½” x 1 ½”  Walnut segmented clock face with maple sticks.

Below, from Stuart Glickman – two goblets.

Photos taken by Jim Marstall