Capital Area Woodturners Gallery

Show and Tell at the October 2002 Meeting



Above left, from Jim Marstall – 14”W X 7”H Cherry salad bowl.

Above right, from Ed Hochard – a 8”W X 3 ½”H Jarrah Burl bowl; a 3 ½”H X 5”W flower-shaped bowl; and a hand full of light pulls made from Lilac and various woods.

Right, from Allen Becker – a 13”W X 3”H segmented hollow form made of Brazilwood with Maple spacers and a Walnut back.

Below right, from David Jacobowitz – an *”W X 3”H hollow form of Paduak.

Below left, from Patrick O’Brien – a 13”W X 1 ½”H Poplar dish with black gesso carving on a wide rim.  

  Above left, from Patrick O’Brien – a 12”@ X 3”H maple shallow bowl; and 4”W X 3”H Evony small vase; a 7”W X 2 ½”H Cherry bowl with an irregular hand-carved rim; and a 4”W X 3”H Walnut ring bowl.

Above right, from Bob Kinsel – A Big Blue Platter made of construction grade 2 X 4s painted and stenciled.

Left, from Frank Stepanski – a 7”H X 5”W Ambrosia maple hollow form with an added black rim holder.

Above, from Bill Fowkes – 1”W X 2”H Dawn Redwood with leather weaving in the rim.


Below from Aaron Grebeldinger – a 20” w natural edge spalted Oak bowl – his largest piece yet.

Above, from Mike Kinney – a small Apple lidded box with a Snakewood finial.


Below, from Gerry Headley – Walnut goblet inspired by a couple German vessels.


Below, from Doug Pearson - a beautiful 12”W X 11”H spalted Maple hollow form with significant voids turned VEEERRRY carefully. Below, from Richard Allen – a 14”W and 1 ½”H Maple shallow bowl; and 5:W X 2 ½” Maple ring bowl; and a 10” X 4”H Butternut bowl.

Right, from Don Riggs – a 12”W X 3 ½”H Black Cherry bowl filled with spherical-shaped lidded boxes.

Below left, from Joyce Beene – a 7”H Poplar  stemmed goblet, turned on-center.  Her first shown piece at CAW.

Below right, from Dah Wey Lan – a 10”W Boxwood platter with Macassar Ebony accent stripe; a 4”W ring bowl and a 2 ½” W Paduak spice bowl.

Photos taken by Jim Marstall