Capital Area Woodturners Gallery

Show and Tell at the November 2002 Meeting



Above left, from Bob Reynolds  -  10W X 8H spalted Ambrosia Maple bowl with  rim beads.

Above right, from Don Johnson  -  4W bowl mouth x 8 W wings diamond bowl with internal gilding and a 8 W ebonized bowl with fluting (Hand-Grenade bowl).

Right, from Patrick OBrien  -  7:W X 3H Walnut bowl with ornamental lathe bad at rim and a 13h Black Locust Burl vase.

Below right, from Jim Marstall  -  20W X 6H Ambrosia maple bowl with beaded rim and inlace filler at knot.

Below left, from Frank Stepanski  -  24W X 5H natural edge Oak bowl.  

  Above left, from Frank Stepanski  -  two 8W X 4 and 5H Cherry bowls.

Above right, from Bob Reynolds  -  a 10W X 4H Apple bowl with beaded rim and a 8W X 7H Walnut flared vase.

Left, from Art Jenson  -  20W X 6H Cherry bowl with gunstock etching around mid-band.

Above, from Neil Kagan  -  turned & carved pieces:  Left stylized hollow form; right-leaf form; and center-Cherry water motion.


Below from Neil Kagan  -  front right- Honey Locust bowl with Bamboo dipper; front right-Zebrawood hand carved and heart-shaped lidded box with a single hinge pin; and back-Cherry bowl with a carved rim.

Above, from Neil Kagan  -  Left-Ash lidded vessel with Bloodwood finial and vine; center-Mahogany lidded box with bleached Basswood rose top; and right-Maple form of growing leaves and vine.


Below, from Doug Pearson  -  a 10W X 6H hollow form with natural edged voids and a 10W X 4H natural edge bowl from Maple burl.


Below, from Tom Boley  -  a 10W X 3H Cedar bowl with a thick natural edge rim and flared branch stem. Below, from John Trant  -  four Mahogany 3W X 2H finger bowls two with carved rims.

Right, from C. A. Savoy  -  a Globe-pot lidded box with top and bottom finials on a pedestal.

Below left, from Joyce Beene -  a 3W X 4 H Poplar weedpot.

Below right, from Don Hart  -  Note penny in the background.  13 miniature turnings of Holly, Yellowwood, Ebony, Cocobolo, Paduak, and Russian Olive.  The two front turnings are laminations of 4 woods WITH A CAPTIVE RING !

Right, from Joyce Beene  -  3-legged stool made in Don Riggs first turning class.

Below left, from Frank Stepanski??  -  12W X 2H Cherry bowl with Gesso carving.

Below right, from Tom Boley  -  10W X 2H Mulberry thick rimmed natural edge bowl.


Right, from Allen Becker  -  6W X 12H Jarrah and ebonized Cherry carved,  open form.

Below left, from Ken Darr  -  Natural edge Dogwood winged bowl of 10W X 5H.

Below right, from Stuart Glickman  -  6W X 4H Segmented bowl of Mahogany with Walnut dividers and random strips of Walnut, Ash, & Cherry in an accent ring.

Photos taken by Jim Marstall