Capital Area Woodturners Gallery

Show and Tell at the January 2003 Meeting



Above left, from Bill Fowkes  -  8W X 1h Maple bowl with a Turquoise accent ring.

Above right, from Bill OBrien  -  a 6W X 5H Sycamore natural-edge bowl; a 8W X 4H Sycamore fluted-side bowl; and a 8W X 3H Ambrosia Maple bowl.

Right, from David Jacobowitz  -  8W X 2H Marblewood.

Below right, from Randy Bjorklund  -  a 18W X 7H Curly (Tiger) Maple and Ebony.

Below left, from Randy Bjorklund  -  14W X 10H Segmented Blookwood and Ebony dividers.  

  Above left and right, from Bob Kinsel  -  12W X 7H Ambrosia Maple.


Left, from Mike Kinney  -  11W X 1H Spalted Maple.

Above, from Frank Stepanski and Betty Scarpino  -  a collaborative Walnut bowl with egg.


Below from Tom Boley  -  20W X 1H Cherry platter.

Above, from John Overman  -  a 4W X 1 H Ambrosia Maple;  a 6W X 3H Maple bowl with enlace accents; and a 2W X 1H Cherry pincushion.


Below, from GArt Jenson  -  a couple of 12W X 1H Mahogany segmented platters with Ebony separators.


Below, from Art Jenson  -  a larger 13W X 1H segmented platter from Birdseye Maple. Below, from Phil Roche  -  a 10W X 5H Walnut Sands of Time.

Right, from Frank Stepanski  -  12W X 2H Cherry.

Below left and right, from John Noffsinger  -  14W X 10H tree sculptured with brazed iron with Beech burl branches.


Right, from Joe Cavanaugh  -  an 8W X 3H Ambrosia maple bowl and a 10W X 3H Black Locust.

Below left, from Don Riggs  -   many items of various woods the largest piece being 7 H.

Below right, from Doug Pearson  -   a 16W X 10H maple burl.

Right, from Steve Bishop  -  24W X 24H wall hanging titled Ol Medusa made from Big Leaf Maple burl.

Below left, from Doug Pearson 7W X 5H NE hollw form.

Below right, from Aaron Grebeldinger  -  a 10W Sycamore bowl and a 4W X 4 H figured Maple box with Purpleheart.

Right, from Bob Grudberg  -  14W X 6H Walnut bowl.

Below left, from Neil Kagan  -  a 6W X 2H Cherry.

Below right, from Betty Scarpino  -  a 7W X 3H Maple piece.


Photos taken by Jim Marstall