Capital Area Woodturners Gallery

Show and Tell at the March 2003 Meeting



Above left, from Frank Stepanski  -  14 X 1 Ash shallow bowl.

Above right, from Richard Allen and Paul Burke, collaboration  -  Black Cloud with a Silver Lining  17W X 6H Black Walnut body with Maple pedestal, dish base, and lid.

Right, from Pat  OBrien  -  Curly Maple with carved rim in the forefront, Honey Locust NE vase, a 7.5W X 2H Walnut bowl and a 7 X 2 Walnut bowl in background.

Below right, from Allan Becker  -  a 23H X 5W and a second 12 H X 5W spalted Ambrosia Maple Closed-form vases with Walnut tops.

Below left, from Bob Reynolds  -  a 12W X 4H Red Cedar bowl and a 8W X 4H Apple bowl.

  Above left, from Gene Crosby  -  14W X 3H Walnut segmented bowl.


Above right, from David Jacobowitz  -  a 51/2W X 2 H Cherry closed-form with a malakite green and yellow sand rim accent stripe.


Left, from John Overman  -  an 8W Arborvitae bowl and a mallet.

Above, from Bob Reynolds  -  and 11W X 5H spalted bowl and an 8W X 4W Apple bowl.


Below from Jim Marstall  -  an 8W X 5H Cherry bowl.

Above, from Greg Downs  -  two (13 and 11 long) Harry Potter magic wands make for his children.


Below, from Bob Grudberg  -  a 14H closed-form vase made of Curley Maple with a Walnut top cap.


Below, from Doug Pearson  -  two hollow forms with carved rims and surface treatments.  The piece on the right has been ebonized and then treated with liming wax to lighten the grain. Below, from Jayne Hart  -  two Yew boxes of approximately 4W and a Silver Maple box of 3 W.

Right, from John Trant  -  two lidded boxes with delicate finials.

Below left and right, from Don Johnson   -  a 7W X 2H Myrtle bowl with a lapped rim and a 10W X 3H Elm bowl with an ebonized raised rim, and 11W X 3H bleached Maple with painted on Indian symbols.


Right, from Don Riggs  -  a rotating ball pyramid, a lidded box, and a Natural Edge goblet.

Below left, from Tom Boley  -   a set of stacking shallow bowls (three layers) of 12W X 6H made of Oak with a Cocobolo top.

Below right, from Tom Boley  -  an 1W x 1H Paduak Platter.

Below left, from Richard Walsh   -  a 10W X 3H Curley Maple shallow bowl.


Photos taken by Jim Marstall