Capital Area Woodturners Gallery

Show and Tell at the May 2003 Meeting



Above left, from Aaron Grebeldinger – 5”H X 6”W Spalted Apple bowl and a 7”H X 6”W Mananita root hollow form.

Above right, from Bob Grudberg – 12”H X 6”W Curly Maple flame vase.

Right, from Patrick O’Brien – 4”H X 5”W Holly natural edge hollow form, a 4”H X 5”W Grapefruit natural edge HF, an 8”W X 3”H Birch natural edge bowl and a 4”W X 2”H Birch bowl.

Below right, from Mike Parker – Mike 1st turning:  a sake bowl from Bradford Pear tree.

Below left, from Peter Walsh – a 6”H peppermill with an Apple base and a Cherry top.  

  Above left, from John Overman – 4”H X 9”W Maple bowl and a 4”H X 8”W Arborvitae bowl.

Above right, from David Jacobowitz – 3”H X 6”W Burmese Roasewood hollow form.

Left, from Don Riggs – 8”W Walnut plate, 5”H X 4”W Ambrosia Maple natural edge goblet, and a 5”H X 5”W Maple lidded box.

Above, from Jim Kohlenberger – a 6”H X 10”W Segmented hollow form made of Maple, Bloodwood, and rosewood.


Below from John Noffsinger – 6”:H X 12”W Maple burl natural edge hollow form, and 3”H X 2”W unknown wood and a 5”H X 3”W English Yew.

Above, from Steve Bishop – 15”W Black Ash burl platter and a 6”H X 6”W Big Leaf maple burl Rowly Bowly 2.


Below, from Jayne Hart – from left to right around the circle, the steps to making a square-edged bowl as demonstrated by Tom Crabb at the July 02 meeting.



Photos taken by Jim Marstall