Capital Area Woodturners Gallery

Show and Tell at the June 2003 Meeting



Above left, from Bill Hardy  -  two natural-edged Cherry bowls, both approximately 10W X 6H, one finished and one unfinished.

Above right, from Tom Boley  -  The nest of the rare Mesquite eagle  20W X 4H.

Right, from Phil Brown  -  a 12W X 10H spalted and wormy Curly Maple funnel shaped vase.

Below right, from Doug Pearson  -  a 6W X 4H Oak natural-edged hollow form and a 12H X 6W Spalted Maple Natural-edged hollow form.

Below left, from Don Johnson  -  8W X 1H Tiger Maple dish band sawed and re-mounted aon a base, and nine marbleized tops with cavechon inserts on the spinning tip.  

  Above left, from Frank Stepanski  -  a 14W Red Oak platter.

Above right, from Patrick OBrien  -  12W X 1H Walnut platter, another 15 W Maple platter and a 8H Grapefruit vase with a carved footed-base.

Left, from Mike Parker  -  Mikes 2nd turned item  -  a 5H X 3W Mahogany box with a fitted lid.

Above, from Dean Swagert  -  A 10W X 5H Yews hollow-form.


Below from Don Hart  -  a VERY large piece for Don Hart.  A 20W X 9H spalted Maple salad bowl.

Above, from Elliot Feldman  -  a 6w X 2H Afzalin burl lidded box.


Below, from Phil Brown  -  4 funnel-shaped vases made from spalted Maple (left-front and rear) and a Copper Beech at the right rear.


Below, from Frank Stephanski  -  a 22H X 4W stylized bird with copper tubing, Cedar, Maple, Lacewood, and porcupine quills. Below, from Joyce Beene  -  a natural-edged bowl of 6W X 3H Maple with wood burning surface treatments and carvings.

Below left, from Bill Fowkes  -  a 7foot high mobile made of dowel-wood with Oak willow-tops and an Oak base with a Maple central stand including butterflies.

Below right, from Greg Downs  -  an Ash three-legged stool 14H X 10W.


Below left, from John Trant  -  a 3H Mahogany lidded box.


Below right, from Doug Pearson  -   a 16W X 10H maple burl.

Photos taken by Jim Marstall