Capital Area Woodturners Gallery

Show and Tell at the July 2003 Meeting



Above left, from Don Johnson  -  12W X 4 H Box elder.

Above right, from Don Hart  -  3 H X 11W Yellow Birch salad bowl.

Right, from Patrick OBrien  -  a 4 Madrone burl bowl, a 8W Dogwood pedestal, and a 5H X 2W natural edge Maple open form.

Below right, from Bob Grudberg  -  11H X 10W Spalted Maple vase.

Below left, from Mike Vore  -  a 6H X 5 W Cherry hollow form with an African Blackwood rim.  

  Above left, from Cal Frantz  -  a wine stopper, a shallow dish, and a ring cup all based on the use of a glue-stick block, cut and inserted where appropriate.

Above right, from Jonathan Hess -  a 3H X 4W Cocobolo with Turquoise rim repair.


Left, from Joe Cavanaugh  -  4H X 11W Cherry salad bowl.

Above, from Tom Scharenbrock  -  8 W Ambrosia Maple shallow dish.


Below from Aaron Grebeldinger  -  a 10W Maple bowl and a 5W Pear bowl.

Above, from Aaron Grebeldinger  -  a 16W Maple platter and a 10 W spalted Sycamore bowl.


Below, from Richard Allen  -  18W Zebrawood platter.


Below, from Richard Allen  -  14W Mahogany platter. Below, from Steve Bishop  -  a 13W Ambrosia maple bowls with a  landscaped grain pattern and another rolly bowly bowl.

Right, from Don Riggs  -  a series of natural-edged hollow forms and goblets.

Below right, from Doug Pearson  - a 7H X 10W hollow form with a carved rim ala John Jordan.

Below left, from Mike McInerney  -  A Cherry lidded box.


Photos taken by Jim Marstall