Capital Area Woodturners Gallery

Show and Tell at the September 2003 Meeting



Above left, from Paul Mazzi  -  a 12 Maple bowl.

Above right, from Paul Mazzi  -  a 12 Cherry bowl.

Right, from Alton Bradford  -  4 segmented hollow forms.

Below right, from Jayne Hart  -  an 8 inch  Cedar bowl.

Below left, from Dan Entinch  -  an 8 wedding goblet made from Mahogany.  

  Above left, from Tom Scharenbrock  -  a 12.5 platter of spalted Maple.

Above right, from Jayne Hart  -  3 shag bark Hickory pies 4 to 6 tall, all from the same branch.


Left, from John Overman  -  assorted pin cushions and a 5 X 8 floating bowl.

Above, from Kamani Goood  -  a 10 X 3 Maple.


Below from Doug Pearson  -  a 14 X 9 form, cut, dyed, drilled and laced with leather.

Above, from Joe Cavanaugh  -  a 8 X 6 lidded box made from Locust with a black cabochon.


Below, from Richard Allen and Paul Burke, collaboration of Poplar and Cherry.


Below, from Dean Swagert  -  a 8 X9 Dogwood bowl with beautiful grain patterns. Below, from C. A. Savoy  -  three spalted Maple hollow forms from our July demonstrator.

Right, below left & right, from Joyce Beene  -  a 6 X 3 Pear bowl with burned feather exterior and interior; a 7 X 2.5 Maple bowl with bark on 2 sides; and a 6.5 X 1.5 Pear bowl.

Below, from Mike Kinney  -  a 5.5 X 4/5 Cherry bowl with a Poplar egg. Below, from John Overman  -   a 4 X 9.5 Maple bowl that took 1st Place in the Prince William County Fair.


Photos taken by Jim Marstall