Capital Area Woodturners Gallery

Show and Tell at the November 2003 Meeting



Above left, from Tom Boley  -  A rack of bottle-stoppers that we can all use to get some ideas about shapes.  Part of Toms demonstration from the Nov meeting.

Above right, from Tom Boley  -  a 7W X 2H Cherry bowl with a hole filled in with brass key shavings mixed in with CA glue.

Right, from Don Riggs  -  a 14W X 4H  burl bowl with an ebonized rime and base.

Below right, from Mike Vore  -  2 shallow Apple bowls.

Below left, from Steven Lear  -  2 candlesticks, one 8H and one 7H made of Maple.  

  Above left, from Greg Downs  -  a natural edge Cherry bowl made for donation to the United Way silent auction at Gregs work, made in his mentors (Alan Becker) workshop.

Above right, from Neil Kagan  -  His  & Hers goblets to be given as engagement gifts; 8H X 4W with carved hearts under the base made of Zebrawood and Rosewood.


Left, from Tom Scharenbrock  -  a 14 tree and 5 fly houses.

Above, from C. A. Savoy  -  a 14W Ambrosia Maple platter.


Below from Alan Becker  -  an 8W X 4H Walnut bowl with beaded exterior surface.

Above, from Neil Kagan  -  a turned/carved/pierced work in progress.


Below, from Seth Hurlbert  -  three Maple bowls with some spalting of 10W X 6H; 8W X 5H; and 6:W X 3H.


Below, from Dean Swagert  -  a 6H X 4W segmented construction turning made of Paduak, Yellowheart, Walnut, Maple, and Purpleheart.  Dean will demonstrate this in 2004. Below, from SDrew Mitchell  -  a 6W X 4H Cherry unfinished bowl and a 3W X 3H Holly bowl burned in the inside and under the bottom.

Right, from Doug Pearson  -  a 18H X 8W Walnut hollow.






Below right, from Bob Grudberg  -  a 6W X 6H Cedar vase and a 8W X 4H Walnut bowl.

Below left, from Doug Pearson  -  a 12W X 10H Maple hollow, closed form with leather cross-stitching added for texture and accent and a 16H X 11W Walnut open form.

Below, from Don Hart  -  a 6W X 3H Ambrosia Maple bowl and two tool handles used to experiment with alcohol-based dyes for coloring.


Photos taken by Jim Marstall