Capital Area Woodturners Gallery

Show and Tell at the February 2004 Meeting



Above left, from Pat OBrien Three bowls, each about 6W X 3H, 1 from Dogwood and two from Walnut with hand-carving on the rims.

Above right, from Bob Grudberg two 6W X 6H Cedar natural edge open forms.

Right, from C.A. Savoy a 6W X 7H Maple Burl hollow form.

Below right, from Janye Hart a 12W X 3H Walnut salad bowl and a 8W X 3H Spalted dogwood candy bowl.

Below left, from Don Johnson two 4W X 4H Myrtle closed form with carved and shaped rim edges and 6 Christmas ornament tops that have been marbled as the surface treatment.  

  Above left, from Gene Crosby a 10W X 6H Walnut bowl with a wide segmented rim accent of Paduak, Maple, and Purple Heart; also a 12W X 4H segmented bowl (all scraps) of Paduak, Maple Purple Heart, Walnut, and Zebrawood.  The fish eyes are plastic movable inserts.


Above right, from Jorge Salinas Would you believe a tuner of just a couple of month!. A 6W X 3H Cherry bowl with tiny grooves over the entire exterior; a7W X 3H Maple hollow form and a 8 X 8 non0-dimentional Manzanita Root bowl.


Left, from Doug Peartson a large 18H X 14W Box elder vase with blue metal flakes rubbed into glue as fill for surface voids for accent.

Above, from John Noffsinger a 11W X 6H Maple Burl natural edge hollow form box with carved feet.


Below from Tom Boley a gift for Toms church of a crucifix mounted on a turned and hollow-out base filled with lead shot to add weight.

Above, from Don Riggs four of Dons small bowls of about 6W X 6H from Dogwood, Spalted Maple, and Walnut.


Below, from Elliot Feldman a segmented candy box of Mahogany and Maple.


Below, from Art Jenson  -  a larger 13W X 1H segmented platter from Birdseye Maple. Below, from Phil Roche  -  a 10W X 5H Walnut Sands of Time.



Photos taken by Jim Marstall