Capital Area Woodturners Gallery

Show and Tell at the May 2004 Meeting



Above left, from Don Riggs – 14”W X 6”H Cherry wood salad bowl with a rolled and brushed rim.

Above right, from Don Johnson – a couple of Ambrosia maple pieces and two carved and dyed hollow forms.

Right, from Patrick O’Brien – 8”W X 3”H Osage oracharnd.

Below right, from Eduardo Samiento Hall from Brazil – four pieces from a Brazilian turner presented to Jorge Salinas as samples of his work.  The woods are :  Oapirona; Diable fuerte; Balsamo; and Copalba.

Below left, John Overman – 8”W X 4”H Cherry natural edge bowl.  

  Above left, from Gene Crosby – a 8”W X 6”H segmented bowl  using walnut, maple, and purple Heart.


Above right, from Don Hart – a bowl and a candle stand made from a long-leaf yellow pine board that was removed from the New Jersey State House in Trenton, NJ (originally built in 1792).


Left, from Richard Allen – 14”W X 6”H Culabara burl.  The bottom pedesal was the piece extracted from the tap cavity.

Above, from Bob Grudberg – two 5” X 4” segmented vases using Walnut and Maple and a large-piece segmented bowl using Walnut and Oak.


Below from Tom Scharenbrock – a 10” W X 1”H Maple shallow platter dyed as demo’d by Jimmy Clewes and two 2” X 2” Oak containers with valentine days metal punch plates.

Above, from Bob Grudberg – 8”W X 6”H segmented Cedar bowl with a Walnut  and Maple pieced top and a 9”W X 5”H Cesar vase with the top and bottom of the rim fluted.


Below, from Jorge Salinas – a 10”W X 6”H Manzanita Root free form.


Below, from Pat Mullen – An assortment of vases and lidded boxes. Below, from Mike Vore – A 6”W X 3”H flower petal vase made of Spalted Pecan and a 4”W X 3:H vase made of Madrone.

Below, from Grant Crowery – a three-legged stool made of Canary wood; a Cherry bowl; and a pearwood lidded box..

Below, from Dick Veitch visiting turner from New Zealand – a 10”W X 2”H bowl and a 7”W X 4”H bowl both made of Taraire wood.


Photos taken by Jim Marstall