Capital Area Woodturners Gallery

Turnings Brought to the February 1998 Meeting

Red Cedar hollow form by Richard Youman.

Mushrooms from Pat McLaughlin who demonstrated how to turn these during the January Meeting.

Don Riggs has been busy the last month. Two large Maple bowls (top), a 11" maple hollow form (above left), and a cherry bowl (above right). A collection of spalted birch, walnut, and cherry bowls (left).

Turnings by Mike McInerney. A 9" cherry plate (above left), a 3" box and hollow form from Bradford Pear (above), and a wormy maple burl hollow form (left).

Four wormy maple hollow forms by C.A. Savoy. These were about 8" tall and 5-6" in diameter. C.A. boasts that all his turnings are from road kill wood.

Birdseye maple hollow form with Walnut top and base by Jim Marstall.

Photos taken by Jim Marstall