Capital Area Woodturners Gallery

Turnings Brought to the March 1998 Meeting

images/idh9803a.jpg (24703 bytes)13" maple burl open vessel and a 2" persimmon hollow form with cocobolo finial and base by Don Hart.  While turing the maple burl as Don was approaching the bottom inside he felt the tool hit a hollow pocket.  After he cleared out all the wood chips he found the end of a limb which the burl had grown around.

George Skorpuski brought in some weed pots from oak and cedar (off the wood pile), as well as a cherry plate,   and a small maple bowl.  The maple hollow form lower left was made by Ray Key when George attended his Arrowmont class last month.

Bob Marshall was the bowl master this month with a collection of bowls from spalted maple, crabapple, and walnut.

Four bowls by Don Riggs.  Three walnut and one flame maple.

Here is another in a series of big leaf maple burl vessels with natural edge by Steve Bishop.  Steve says this is the son from the inside of a much larger vessel.  Below, Steve has a walnut horn shaped form and another big leaf maple burl bowl.

images/isb9803b.jpg (19421 bytes)

Bill Hardy displays some lace bobbins and hair sticks with free rings.

At right, a lidded box by Bill Ford made from popular after watching a Ray Key video.

Richard Allen's 3" crabapple bowl.

Right, "A French Maid" (douglas fir and walnut) and the "Kremlin Spire" (Walnut) by Merle Phillips.


Photos taken by Jim Marstall