Capital Area Woodturners Gallery

Turnings Brought to the May 1998 Meeting

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images/ibm9805c.jpg (13600 bytes)Wooden hats by Bob Marshall and C.A. Savoy from their training class with Johnnes Michelsen.   Bob's full size and miniature (left).  C.A.'s full size and Michelsen's miniature (upper left).  C.A.'s miniature above, on right and left, and another Michelsen miniature in center.

images/iaj9805a.jpg (18543 bytes)2 maple and walnut mushrooms and 2 ash bowls w/ dyed interiors by Art Jenson

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15" maple bowl (above right) with sculpted rim and 2 bowls, tops, pipe rest, and scuttles (above right) by Don Hart.

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images/idr9805c.jpg (11601 bytes) Don Riggs was busy with Bowls this month.  Maple and oak (above left), pear and apple (above right), and 8" maple burl pedestal bowl (left).

images/ijm9805a.jpg (8758 bytes)At left, 10" maple bowl with undercut rim by George Skorupski.

At right, 9" walnut bowl and 3" pignut hickory hollow form by Jim Marstall.

images/ibr9805a.jpg (15097 bytes) At left, a large 15" mahoganey platter by Bob Romanowski.

images/isb9805a.jpg (11489 bytes)

At right, 9" and 6" spalted maple hollow forms by Steve Bishop.

images/ibm9805a.jpg (12668 bytes)   images/ibm9805b.jpg (14493 bytes)

7 pieces from Bob Marshall: 2 cherry platters and bowls of holly, walnut and maple..

Photos taken by Jim Marstall and scannned by Mary Youman