Capital Area Woodturners Gallery

Turnings Brought to the September 1998 Meeting

images/imp9809a.jpg (33683 bytes)images/imp9809b.jpg (24095 bytes)

images/iaj9809a.jpg (33999 bytes)Art Jenson had a professional turner, Mr. Martin Pidsen from the United Kingdom stay with him during the summer. Two of Mr. Pidsen's pieces (above) were given to Art for his hospitality. A 17" Bubinga platter and a bunch of fan/lamp pulls, and a 12" English Yew platter. At left is a Maple Burl by Art.

images/ijm9809a.jpg (18543 bytes)A spalted Dogwood bowl by Jim Marstall

images/ira9809a.jpg (14383 bytes)images/ira9809b.jpg (19168 bytes)

Richard Allen has been busy this month. Above left, a 5x4" Cherry and a 2x3" Paduak bowl. Above Right, a 7" Cocobolo gavel, a Maple 5-ring baby rattle, a bracelet turned from scrap pieces, and a Maple lidded box.

images/imm9809a.jpg (18543 bytes)Maple and Cocobolo lidded boxes, a Maple and Walnut segmented bowl, a Cocobolo sphere, and 3 ring holders from Cherry with Purpleheart flames, by Mike McInerney.

images/iri9809b.jpg (18543 bytes)6 pieces in Box Elder, Cherry burl, Cherry, Cocobolo, and Walnut shells by Ray Inaba

images/iaw9809a.jpg (18543 bytes)3 bowls by Ashton Waters. A 2x3" Maple burl, a 4x4" natural edged Oak, and a 3x4" Cherry.

images/ibm9809a.jpg (18543 bytes)A sampling of Bob Marshall's pull-tops. Each top has a small colored stone imbedded at the central point of contact to reduce wear on the wood.

Photos taken by Jim Marstall and scannned by Mary Youman