Capital Area Woodturners Gallery

Turnings Brought to the October 1998 Meeting

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Left, Christmas ornaments by Jayne Hart, latch boxes by her husband Dick Hart.

Right, a set of kitchen bowls by Jim Marstall from a curly maple log from Pat Berry's home.

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Left, a 20" tall maple vessel by Don Hart.

Right, Don turned a 12" box elder bowl.

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Lin Lambeth combines his wood carving skills with his woodturning. Left, a cane with a zebrawood shaft, a holly and cocobolo accent piece, and a Maryland red cedar turned and cared out hand-piece.

Right, a carved holly gavel hand-piece with a walnut base and striker.

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Left, a 14" platter of scottish witch elm by Art Jenson.

Right, a rosewood container for a Priest's holy oil, about the size of a nickel by John Bledsoe.

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Left, 4 spinning tops with a turned handle launcher. Bob uses a glass faceted jewel at the point of rotation for durability and increased spinning.

Right, the jigs Bill Hardy uses for turning his needle cases. One for the top, the other for the bottom of the case.

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CA Savoy has been busy as usual.  Above left, a 20" kitchen persuader (rolling pin) and a Asian elm bowl.  Above left is a another Asian elm bowl.

Below, CA has a collection of his Christmas ornaments.

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Photos taken by Jim Marstall and scannned by Mary Youman