Capital Area Woodturners Gallery

Turnings Brought to the February 1999 Meeting


images/ira9902a.jpg (33009 bytes) images/ira9902b.jpg (21013 bytes)
Large 14" diameter Par Rosa platter and a bowl with side voids and a vessel-in-vessel from Chanfuta.  Richard Allen gathered this wood on a recent trip to Mozambique.  The inside vessel-in-vessel is metal also turned on the lathe. Above is a 8" diameter, 3" high hollow form made from Chanfuta, also brought back from Mozambique.

images/ipm9902a.jpg (23258 bytes) Left, a 9" diameter spalted beech bowl by Patrick Mullaley

images/ijs9902a.jpg (25818 bytes) images/ijs9902b.jpg (16256 bytes)
Above, a 3"d x 2"h spalted bowl, and a 3"w x 3"h bowl.   Wood gathered from the firewood pile.  Turned by Joe Seliga Another bowl by Joe Seliga.  4"d x 3"h osage orange pedestal bowl with inlay bloodwood accents.

Right are 3 natual edge bowls from elm, pine, and mesquite turned by George Skorupski. images/igs9902a.jpg (32184 bytes)
images/igs9902b.jpg (28197 bytes) Left is an assortment of natural edge bowls from elm, cherry, ash, and pine. Turned by Geroge Skorupski.  The vessel at the far left was the cutoff from their Christmas tree.

images/iaj9902a.jpg (12923 bytes) images/iaj9902b.jpg (15941 bytes)
Above, 3 bottle unique bottle stoppers by Art Jenson.  They are in the shape of a apple, pagoda, and a pear.  The stem is turned ebony.  Above is another from Art Jenson, a 20"d x 3"h walnut bowl with blue turquoise "Inlace" ring.

images/ijm9902a.jpg (18169 bytes) Left, a 2"d x 3"h pignut hickory bowl, and a 6"d x 3"h walnut bowl with sapwood, turned by Jim Marstall
Right, a 5"h japanes yew hollow form, and a 3"h red oak burl natural edge hollow form turned by Jayne Hart. images/ijh9902a.jpg (20343 bytes)
images/ijb9902a.jpg (21379 bytes) Left, a 14"d mahogany platter with carved rim, turned and carved by Dr. John Bledsoe.  John said the carving took about 80 hours.  Now that's patience and requires a steady hand!!

images/idr9902a.jpg (27106 bytes) images/idr9902b.jpg (23035 bytes)
Above, Don Riggs is playing with his new toy, the Sorby texturing tool. A cherry bowl with a cross hatch texture, and a walnut bowl and platter. A 14"d x 5"h walnut bowl.  All three of the walnut turnings came from the same piece of wood.  Don used the McNaughton system to cut out the 3 bowl from one piece on the lathe. 

Right, a spalted maple vase 12" high by C.A. Savoy images/ica9902a.jpg (19521 bytes)
images/ica9902b.jpg (20493 bytes) Left, a 8"d x 3"h ambrosia maple bowl with carved rim.
Right, a beautiful 16"d x 8"h walnut bowl with carved rim and foot images/ica9902c.jpg (19395 bytes)

Photos taken by Jim Marstall and scannned by Mary Youman