Capital Area Woodturners Gallery

Turnings Brought to the March 1999 Meeting


images/idc9903a.jpg (13981 bytes) images/igd9903a.jpg (10746 bytes)
Don Chamlee's two cherry bowl 5"w x 3"h and 8"w x 3"h and a 9"w x 3"h locust bowl. Above is a bowl by Gregg Discenza he made at the Woodworkers Show.   7"w x 3"h. 

images/igs9903a.jpg (20828 bytes) Left, an assortment of bowls by Geroge Skorupski.  George finds all his wood, none of it is bought.  The ice storm that hit Washington DC in January provided an ample supply of wood for a while.  One of the pieces here was from the bottom of his Christmas tree.

images/ibh9903a.jpg (14194 bytes) images/imy9903a.jpg (8332 bytes)
Bill Hardy is gearing up for a season of craft shows.  Above is a sample of the items he shows, cherry platter, needle cases, light pulls, key chains, hair sticks and more. Mary Youman watched the Ray Key video on making capsule boxes, and went into her shop and promtly made one.

Right, a 4"w x 5"h vessel with maple body, oak veneer, and bubinga lip by Martin Angebranndt. images/ima9903a.jpg (9296 bytes)
images/igc9903a.jpg (20193 bytes) Left is a beautiful segemented shallow bowl by Gene Crosby.   12"w x 4"h maple, walnut, and padauk squares with a cherry rim.
Right, a 8"w x 3"h poplar bowl with an dyed with ebony shoe dye by Art Jenson. images/iaj9903a.jpg (8421 bytes)

images/imp9903a.jpg (23241 bytes) images/imp9903b.jpg (13682 bytes)
Above is a sample of Martin Pidgen's work.  Light pulls out of a variety of woods, apple, blackwood bell cuff link box, and square platter. Above is another from Martin, a 15" x 1.5" sycamore platter.

images/ira9903b.jpg (10110 bytes) Two goblets, stands from ash and cocobolo by Richard Allen
images/ira9903a.jpg (19275 bytes) More Righard Allen

3 11 inch plates with segmented patterns.

Photos taken by Jim Marstall and scannned by Mary Youman