Capital Area Woodturners Gallery

Turnings Brought to the May 1999 Meeting


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A padauk bowl 6"d x 2.5"h with carved rim by Jim Marstall Thuya Burl free-form by Don Swaggert

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10"d x 8"h natural edged mesquite bowl by Art Jenson. New member Dave Jacobowitz first pieces at show and tell.   Four pieces of mahogany and walnut.

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A collection from Chris Light.  Top, a 16"d x 6"h wide rimmed bowl dyed in many colors and inlayed on the foot.  Chris checked out the video on coloring wood, and wha-laa.

Next a colored purpleheart bowl, a symetrically warped pin cherry bowl, and a padauk bowl with inlace rim bands

Top, a pin cherry incense stick burner, a manzanita root bowl, and a pin cherry miniature hat.

Next, a padauk bowl with dyed rim and (soup) bone base, a small palm bowl (in front), a zebrawood candlestick/what not, and a carob vessel.

Right, a 6"d x 4"h walnut bowl by Pat Berry. images/ipb9905a.jpg (9158 bytes)
images/igm9905a.jpg (12070 bytes) Left is a beautiful segemented shallow bowl by Gene Milstead.   8"w x 4"h maple, walnut, cherry, and maple.  Gene said he started out glueing up boards as you would making a cutting board.  Put the flat glued up board on the lathe, turned it round, then started cutting rings with the parting tool angling toward the center at about 10 degrees.  With the rings cut on an angle, they were then telescoped out to a bowl shape and slightly rotated for the pattern you see.
Right, a 8.5"w x 2"h segmented bowl in bubinga and maple by Scott Wallis. images/isw9905a.jpg (10978 bytes)
images/ibk9905a.jpg (12359 bytes) Right a 22" cherry husband persuader and a 8"w x 2"h pear bowl by Bob Kinsel.
Right, a 12" ash platter with double bead rim by Mike McInerney. images/imm9905a.jpg (10433 bytes)
images/idh9905a.jpg (12902 bytes) Left, Don Hart said his wife kept hinting about wanting to where some of his wood turning, so out to the shop he went and returned with many pairs of miniature earrings, plus the carousel to hang them from.  Nice use of  those small pieces of wood we all have in the shop.
Right, two bradford pear turnings from Jayne Hart.  One finished and one unfinished. images/ijh9905a.jpg (11632 bytes)
images/irl9905a.jpg (12275 bytes) Left, a padauk bowl, cherry lidded box, and cherry bowl by Richard Lowman.

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11"w x 3"h mahogany bowl by Patrick Mullaley Above, more from Pat, 2 padauk bowls, 2 small bradfrod pear hollow forms and a spalted beech bowl.

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Two cherry bowls from the same log, one with pith at the mouth of the bowl, the other with the pith at the foot of the bowl, by George Skorupski. More George Skorupski - 4 natural edge bowls all from found wood.

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Above, two lidded boxes and two small hollow forms from soap stone, by Richard Allen. Richard was blessed with a new grand child recently, so off to the shop he went and came out with a number of baby rattles from cherry, maple, and pear, as well as a 10"w x 1.5"h native olive wood bowl.

Photos taken by Jim Marstall