Capital Area Woodturners Gallery

Turnings Brought to the June 1999 Meeting


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Above, the "Bird of Paradise" Manzanita Burl

Collection by Chris Light

Below, a 14" high pedestal of Zebrawood, Purpleheart, and Padauk

Above, four mini hats Chris turned after watching the demonstation by Johannes Micheleson.


Below, "Sea Urchin & Tube Worm".  Composite pieces of Maple, Cherry, Black Locust, Ebony, and Pink Ivory coated with crushed Caribbean pink coral mixed in glue.

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images/icl9906c.jpg (14292 bytes) Left, a full-size english bowler hat from walnut.  Chris thought he followed the instructions for measuring his head and calculating the dimentions so the hat would fit.  Unfortunately the hat did not fit Chris, but fits his wife perfectly.

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A 12" Catalpa platter with set of walnut goblets by Mike McInerney 10"w x 5"h natural edge Maple Bowl by Jim Marstall

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Above, 6"w x 4"h Cherry bowl with inlaid and burnt accent bands by Dr. John Bledsoe. Above, from Dean Swagert, a Locust burl bowl with Padauk lid, and Claro Walnut natural edge form.

Right, a collection from Sheryl Kochman.  a 3" maple burl bowl, and 4 composite pieces of glued up wood scraps of Walnut, Purpleheart, Cocobolo, and more.   images/isk9906a.jpg (14301 bytes)
images/ira9906a.jpg (11964 bytes) Left, 5" Cocobolo bowl, and 3" Ash bowl by Richard Allen
Right, another collection of bowls and forms from George Skorupski.   bowls are made from Box Elder, Holly, Dogwood, and Red Oak.

The shallow Red Oak bowl on the right front was from a piece of reclaimed barn board.  The rim of the bowl is the weathered face of the barn board.

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images/idr9906a.jpg (13190 bytes) Right a set of Walnut bowl from Don Riggs.  All three of these bowls are from the same block of wood.  Don used the McNaughton system to carve out these bowls.  When held up together, the grain pattern continues through each piece to the other.


In addition, Don used these three bowls in last months demonstration on finishing techniques.  One has Nordic Oil, another, the Royal finishing products, and the there, many coats of Watco, and buffed.

Right, a 14" x 5"h Spalted Beach bowl by visiting turner from Williamsburg, Steve Clement.. images/isc9906a.jpg (14194 bytes)
images/ira9906b.jpg (54766 bytes) Left, a Maple piano stool by Richard Allen.  The seat is Ash and is attached to a screw mechanism to raise up almost 12 inches.  In addition, the four legs, center post, and seat base all have captive rings.
Right, a Pecan natural edge bowl from George Skorupski images/igs9906b.jpg (11922 bytes)
images/idr9906b.jpg (47115 bytes) Left, 13" Maple platter and 9"w x 2"h Walnut flame shallow bowl by Don Riggs.

Photos taken by Jim Marstall