Capital Area Woodturners Gallery

Turnings Brought to the July 1999 Meeting


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Woodturners get inspiration in a number of ways.  In this case, Chris Light was turning some wood when a large woodworm flew out and smacked in him the forehead.  After regaining his senses, he chased more worms through the wood that were trying to hide.

Collection by Chris Light

Below, a 7"h x 6"w red dyed pine vessel and a 8"h x 5"w dark dyed pine form with groved texturing.

Above left, looking straight on, is Chris's inspiration from this experience, a wooden lathe replica turning wormy wood, with an angry woodworm on the attack  Above right, a side view of the angry woodworm.   All from turned wood.


Below, more Chris Light, with a dyed Oak 5"h x 5"h natural edge, a Locust natural edge bowl and a smaller dyed spalted Beach bowl.

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icl9907a.jpg (15240 bytes) Left, "Well of Wishes", spalted Oak Natural edge with feet by Chris Light. 10"w x 10"h

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Above, a 10" wide Bigleaf Maple burl bowl by Randy Bjorklund. Hogbin Strip boards of Sycamore and Padauk, by Randy Bjorklund.

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Above, a carved piece by Ashton Waters from his Arrowmount class with Mike Lee.  Over 50 hours of hand carving and sanding, "so far". Above, Walnut hollow form, Cherry Burl lidded box, and Cherry Burl bud vase by Glenn Zepp.

Right, a oak crotch flame, 3"h x 13"w, by Righard Allen ira9907a.jpg (14285 bytes)
ira9907b.jpg (14345 bytes) Left, 3 soapstone turned items including kaleidoscope by Richard Allen.
Right, Don Riggs has been in production mode.  A big jar full of bottle stoppers, various shapes and sizes, and another jar of wooden balls. idr9907a.jpg (19959 bytes)
iaj9907a.jpg (14349 bytes) Right, a Walnut bowl and sampling of wine bottle stoppers, and small wooden apples by Art Jenson..
Right, two curly Ambrosia Maple bowls, 8"w x 4"h, and 5"w x 3"h, by Pat Berry. ipb9907a.jpg (16959 bytes)
igc9907a.jpg (18383 bytes) Left, a 14" segmented platter of Maple / Walnut / Cherry, by Gene Crosby.
Right, a 13"w x 8"h lidded segmented box made with Walnut / Maple / Purpleheart / Padauk, by Gene Crosby. igc9907b.jpg (18739 bytes)
idw9907a.jpg (16817 bytes) Left, Spalted Birch 7" goblet and 6"w x 4"h white cedar burl bowl by Dick Wexelblat.

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Above, two carved hollow vessels by C.A. Savoy.  A 8"w x 6"h Red Oak, and 12"w x 8"h Elm. Three Red Oak natural edge bowls by C.A. Savoy.

Photos taken by Jim Marstall