Capital Area Woodturners Gallery

Turnings Brought to the August 1999 Meeting


ijm9908a.jpg (16346 bytes) ijm9908b.jpg (12731 bytes)
Above, 5"w x 2"h White Mountain Ash hollow with carved rim by Jim Marstall.


Below, many years ago, Dr John Bledsoe, while on an historic inspection tour of the old Boston South Railroad Station picked up a section of 2x4 cutoff from the roof beams made from Southern Yellow Pine.  John recently turned this small dish.

Above, 6"w x 4"h Bolivian rosewood bowl by Jim Marstall.


Below, Gene Milstead turned this 5" x 5" pressed Popular (man-made material) bowl with a cherry bottom.

idb9908a.jpg (13606 bytes) igm9908a.jpg (20093 bytes)
irl9908a.jpg (22365 bytes) Left, Richard Lowman turned a potpourri bowl out of Bubinga, and a Padauk box, both with ornamental inserts.

imm9908a.jpg (12091 bytes) igs9908a.jpg (21598 bytes)
A 2" x 2" maple box with bloodwood finial by Mike McInerney "Tough as a rock" natural edge oak endgrain bowl by George Skorupski.

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Above, Don Riggs has been in mass production mode again, this time with beautiful ball clocks from Ambrosia Maple. Above, more bowls and balls by Don Riggs.

Right, a collection of cannisters of Lacewood staves and Walnut top/bottoms.  They are 10", 7", 5" high by 6" wide.  This was a collaborative effort between Richard Allen and Paul Burke. ipb9908a.jpg (27050 bytes)
iss9908a.jpg (59081 bytes) Left, another collaborative effort between Richard Allen and 1st time turner Susanne Streety - 27"h x 16"w Maple table.
Right, Jayne Hart has been expermenting with natural edge turning, and doing a mighty fine job.  Here, two natural edge forms, and a walnut vase with sapwood accents. ijh9908a.jpg (17505 bytes)
ijh9908b.jpg (15360 bytes) Right a 7"w x 5"h Japanese Yew bowl from Jayne Hart.
Right, Bob Marshall brought in a collection of his minitures recently turned from Lacewood, Tagua Nut, Basswood,, Walnut, and Mahogany. ibm9908a.jpg (14922 bytes)
ijo9908a.jpg (30132 bytes) Left, a collection from John Overman.  Various forms from Cherry, Mahogany, Mesquite, Redwood Burl, and glued up Pine knots.

Photos taken by Jim Marstall