Capital Area Woodturners Gallery

Turnings Brought to the October 1999 Meeting


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Above, Inlayed lidded boxe using a router with an inlay attachment, by Don Johnson, made from Tiger's Eye Maple and Bolivian Rosewood legs.


Below, a 12" natural edge bowl made from Locust by George Skorupski

Above, Kingwood latch lid boxes, Sliver Maple platter, serving bowl, and coasters, and Apple bowl and Zebrawood candle holder, by Paul Burke.


Below, 5 bowls from Oak, Elm, Maple and Dogwood, by George Skorupski.

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igs9910d.jpg (33450 bytes) Left, more natural edge forms from George Skorupski.
Right, one of C.A. Savoy's holiday ornaments made from a Dogwood tree from the grounds of George Washington's Mt. Vernon home. ics9910a.jpg (12388 bytes)

Bob Marshall

A number of cherry platters  and a holly bowl by Bob Marshal.  The largest 13 inches.

The platter to the right, won the competition in its category in the Washington Woodcarvers competition.

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Above, a Box Elder lidded box by CAW President, Ray Inaba Above, a 8"w x 4"h Ash bowl by Richard Allen

Photos taken by Jim Marstall