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Franks Skill Enhancement Classes

Franks Skill Enhancement Classes

Turning 3" mirror frame  January 2012  Play Video
Pagoda box February 2012
Notes on Jimmy Clewes Finish November 2014


Grab Bag

Notes from Tips, Tricks, and Jigs meeting by Stan Welborn, Feb 2013
Instructions for the Magic Chop Cup by Stan Welborn, Jan 2015
Chop Cup part 2 by Stan Welborn, Feb 2013


Demonstrators Share Sources and Techniques

List of resources from the Joe Ruminski Demo by Joe Ruminski, Sept 2013
List of resources from the Nick Agar Demo by Nick Agar, March 2014
List of resources from Kurt Hertzog by Kurt Hertzog, April 2014
List of pyrography resources by Molly Winton, September 2014
Dixies relief instructions and resources by Dixie Biggs, May 2015
Processing and turning green Basics of Turning Bowls From A Board from Joe Kramer, January 2017
Dizzy Bowl from a Board from Joe Kramer, January 2017
Batty Perfect Cuts by Stuart Batty, Aug 2017



Comfortable Turning by Dick Veatch, Feb 2005
First Aid Kit Suggestions by Fred Grosse, January 2005
Well, I'd Like To See It, Just Don’t Have Time by Richard Sherwood, July 2006  
Safety, Part II by Fred Grosse, July 2006  
Create your own first aid kit with all the essentials Link provided by Stan Welborn, February 2013
Lathe Safety by Tom Huber, February 2016  
Hazzards of Dust by Tom Huber, February 2017  


Starting Out

A Short History of Woodturning by Stuart King, May 2003
After The Obsession by Bill Fowkes, August 2003  
Newbie Notes by Ed Karch, July 2005  
Wood Identification by Ed Karch, November 2004



Car Gear Knobs by Jim Head, May 2002
Making Whistles by Keith Taylor, September 2004
Making a Gavel by Larry Hancock, September 2002
Spalted Maple Bowl with Inlay Ring and Collar by Steve Schwartz, April 2009  
Turning a Spoon or Ladle by George Awburn, January 2002
Turning inside out ornaments by Mike Kehs, September 2011
Turning 3" mirror frame by Frank Jessup, January 2012
Make your own Sanding Disc Mandrels by Joe Ruminski & Stan Welborn, February 2013


Turning Techniques

Sandpaper Grading Systems and What It Means by Richard Sherwood, May 2005
The Negative Rake Scraper by Andrew Hilton, January 2009 “
The Much Aligned Skew by Steve Schwartz, March 2009
What Is Oval Turning? by Johannes Volmer, March 2009 
Variety of turning shapes and profiles Vol 1 by , January 2017 
Variety of turning shapes and profiles Vol 2 by , January 2017 


Intermediate and Advanced Turning

Building a Friction Plate by Mike Marek
Making a Basic Hook Tool by Alan Lacer
Turning A Morse Taper by Al Hockenbery, September 2004
Turning Green by Neil Kagan, March 2007
Wooden Face Plate by Steve Schwartz, May 2007

Carving, Decoration, And Texturing

Turning, Texturing, And Coloring An Egg
By Larry Hancock, Feb 2002  
Wood Burning, Part I, by Steve Coaguori, Jan 2008
Wood Burning, Part II, by Steve Coaguori, Feb 2008
Wood Burning, Part III, by Steve Coaguori, Mar 2008
Interference Paint Info, from Tom Huber, Feb 2017
Interference Colors, part # Info, from Tom Huber, Feb 2017



Experimental New Treatment for Wood by Ron Kent, January 2003
Newbie Finishes Last by Ed Karch, Sept 2006
CA Glue Pen Finish by CA Savoy, February 2013


Setting Up Shop

Getting Galleries To Flog For You by Ed Karch, Aug 2006
Jamie Donaldson's Woodturning Studio by Jamie Donaldson, Sep 2008
Making a Good Show at a Craft Show by Tom Boley, May 2009
Taking the Next Step, One CAW Member’s First Impressions by Mike Vore, September 2003
The Phrugal Photo Studio by Jamie Donaldson, Sep 2008 

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